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We aim to ship within 24 -48 hours of receiving your order. 

We ship to across the USA, Canada and UK. 

How do I make the fans plug into the Bike+ monitor, can I buy and adapter? 
There are a few options here. Most customers find that #1 is a good option. 

  1. Order the Bike+ kit with the wall charger.  Charge the fans as needed but run them off battery power (not plugged in) for your daily workouts.  The batteries are quite large so depending on your riding style and frequency most customers get 2-4 weeks' worth of riding off of a single charge.
  2. Order the Bike+ kit with wall charger and get a micro-usb (female) to usb-c (male) converter.  Charge the fans off the wall outlet the first time and then let the Bike+ maintain the fans from there. This should work indefinitely unless the fans are ever on for an extended period (about 45 minutes at full blast or 2.5 hrs at low setting). In this case, the fans will likely need to be recharged from the wall.
  3. Use a single usb-c to usb-c cable to charge the fans individually off the monitor.  Rotate charging back and forth between the two fans (about once a week)

Help, my fan is not turning on, or dies quickly!

The most common concern is that the fan is not turning on. By following the below steps, we are able to resolve most issues

  • Unplug all cables from fans and back of the Bike and Bike + screen
  • Keep unplugged for 60 seconds to do a soft reset of the charging ports
  • Plug back in and look for RED LED light
  • Charge overnight or until GREEN LED light is on
  • (Optional) Use a USB - C or Micro USB Charger to charge independently of the screen

LED colors:

Red: Charging

Green: Fully Charged

Blue: In Use


You shipped me two left side (or right side) fans !

The fans can be flipped around, it's just an illusion! Please reach out if you'd like instructions