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Studio SoundBar 25% off!

Hear your favorite instructors and music as they were meant to be. Compatible with all Peloton® (and other similar) equipment, the 16" SoundBar speaker mounts on top of your screen and fully immerses you in a studio-like experience. No more thin, tinny sound  - so turn up the volume and rock out to your favorite jams while crushing your workout.

With no modification needed for installation, the SoundBar connects to your monitor (or phone) via Bluetooth or optional AUX jack. The extra long power cable with wire management clips make for a seamless installation, plus the included remote is perfect for controlling the volume from the floor during your yoga or weights session. Tune in with 30w output coming from two 2.25” drivers and a bass enhancing port for high fidelity sound.  Decent workout audio no longer requires the use of headphones, so ditch the AirPods (and their charger) and immerse yourself in full-spectrum audio.

 Click here for installation instructions.



Speaker Location
Peloton ® Original Bike 20w Rear of Screen
Peloton ® Bike+ 26w Front and Rear of Screen
Peloton ® Tread 26w Front and Rear of Screen
VeloQuip SoundBar 30w Above Front of Screen
Equipment Type: Peloton Bike/Bike+