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Dual Fan Kit Instructions

Peloton Bike Dual Fan Kit Installation Instructions (video below)
  1. Position the bracket so that the accessory hooks are facing you.
  2. Attach the fans to the bracket by inserting the mounting point on the fan into the hole on the bracket. Thread the black thumb screw into the fan from the inside of the bracket. Make sure that your screw is snug but not so tight that the fan can’t rotate. 
  3. Repeat this process on the other side.
  4. Insert the buckle of the strap into the slot on the right. Feed the strap through the slot on the left. Make sure the logo on the strap is facing up and the rubber backing is against the bracket.
  5. Put the bracket on to the lower handlebar tube leading to the monitor. 
  6. Wrap the strap around the tube, loop through the buckle and tighten. Take care to keep the buckle close to the slot for easy cinching.  
  7. Original Bike: Connect the splitter power cords to the fans and then to the back of the monitor. Use the existing Peloton cord management straps.    Bike+ : Connect the splitter power cords to the fans and then use the usb-adapter to plug into the back of the monitor. 
  • Be sure to give your fans a few hours to charge before first use.  
  • We recommend keeping the screwdriver with your Peloton tool kit as the screw may need occasional tightening.