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Quad Shoe Hanger Holder for Original Bike

Two riders x Two shoes + One bike = A super cluttered spin area.

Keep your workout space tidy with the VeloQuip Quad Shoe Hanger. This custom rack bolts solidly on to the weight holder of the original Peloton® Bike giving each rider a location to store their shoes while not in use.

The rack is specifically designed to keep stored shoes out of the stroke path of the current rider, and the aluminum clamp firmly holds the shoe hanger onto the Bike's weight holder so the shoes remain steady while adding/removing and during a ride. Other shoe holders on the market that simply hang on the weight holder may swing and fall during use.  Some are even made out of thin plastic that can easily break. The VeloQuip Quad Shoe Hanger is made out of powder coated steel and will continue to work and look great for as long as you own your Bike.

Bonus: More than 2 riders? The VeloQuip Shoe Hanger does not block the Bike's original hangers under the weight holders meaning you can hang up to three pairs of shoes!

Want to keep your shoes dry and smelling fresh? Hang a pair of our Shoe Deodorant Pouches from your shoe rack for automatic deodorizing while your shoes are hanging.