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Music-Syncing Studio Light Strips

Love your at-home workouts on your Peloton® but miss the vibe of the studio? Bring your home studio dreams to light with multicolor LED strips. Programmed to sense and pulse to the beat of the music or simply give your space an ambient glow, these lights are an easy way to pump up the energy for each ride or floor workout.  

The VeloQuip light kit comes with 2 lay flat strips that have a sticky backing for attaching to any smooth surface. These 16 foot long strips can be routed separately or linked together for one 32 foot long strip. Choose from 8 different static lights, 4 preset light shows, or 4 different settings that match the beat of your music. The included remote control allows you to transition between getting hyped on a ride to zen flowing during yoga, and installation is a breeze with plug and play wiring.